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"If only everyone on this earth could feel your light, there would be nothing left to hate or fight, and only room left inside of them to celebrate this life."

woa sm, good job at promoting these girls so badly and at adding war and 9/11 references to their mv

Happy Birthday Fany ♡
#ᄐᄑᄂᄂᄋᄌ ♡ #801FanyDay ♡

38/∞ photos of Choi Minho.

38/ photos of Choi Minho.

Kitty (=^・^=)


so hyuna wrote the lyrics for this song and tbh don’t talk bad about kim hyuna because she will come back at you and she WENT IN on this


If you think about it, the relationship between Sasuke and Naruto could be summarized by the fact that the boy who hated everyone found a friend in the boy that was hated by everyone

And then the boy who was loved by everyone loved the only one who didn’t want to love anyone

happy birthday fany ♡ #ᄐᄑᄂᄂᄋᄌ ♡